Alec Shuldt
Central Washington University
Mill Creek, WA
"During my sophomore
year, Prep Links filmed my
recruiting video.  My dream
was always to play for the
University of Washington.
After Prep Links filmed my
video, it helped me receive
early exposure from D1
schools so entering my
senior year I had several
college options. Prep Links
was essential to helping me
and my family through the
process. I am proud to be a

Steve Emanuels
University Of Washington
Samamish High  - 2017
"My parents contacted
Prep Links mid-way
through my sophomore
year.  I had a really good
freshman year and my
sophomore year was going
well, but I wasn't receiving
any interest from colleges.
Prep Links filmed my skills
video and edited my
live-game video and  
helped guide my family
through the recruiting
process. After my junior
year, I had several schools
interested in me, but I
wanted to attend a
Christian school, so I sent
my video to Colorado
Christian and was offered a
scholarship. Prep Links help
me gain exposure to
colleges around the

Megan Gordon
Colorado Christian
Everett High School - 2018
"My goal was to attend an
Ivy League college, but
didn't know how I would be
able to showcase my game
to the schools I was
interested in.  Prep Links
filmed my video during my
junior year of high school
and helped me expose my
academic and athletic
talents to high academic
universities all over the
country.  I decided on
Cornell University and I
couldn't be happier!"

Ruby Sugyan
Cornell University
Snohomish High  - 2018
Amanda Givens
Olympic CC
Stanwood, WA
"My mom and I were pretty
much stressed out about
the recruiting process and
finding a good college.  
After my junior year of high
school I had no offers from
colleges and hadn't even
talked to any recruiters. My
mom contacted Prep Links
and we met for a face to
face consultation. Prep
Links explained the
recruiting process and
helped me get a proactive
recruiting plan together.
Prep Links took me on a
California campus tour
from San Diego to San
Fransisco. I worked out for
six different college
coaches and was offered
scholarships to three
schools. I chose Vanguard
University to continue my
dream of playing college
baseball. Prep Links guided
my mom and I through the
recruiting process

Diego Altamirano
Vanguard University -
Long Beach Junior College
Jackson High - 2018
Steve Emanuels
University of Washington
Bellevue, Washington
Cassie Carter
Occidental University
Samamish, Washington
Isaiah Patrick
Azusa Pacific University
Mill Creek, Washington
Megan Gordan
Colorado Christian University
Everett, Washington
Ben Hansen
College of Idaho
Everett, Washington
Audrey Howard
Virginia Union Iniversity
Oak Harbor, Washington
Austin Earl
West Virgina University
Everett, Washington
Lilly Ficher
Murray State University
Marsyville, Washington
Calvin Wood
Pepperdine Univesity
Bellevue, Washington
Ruby Sugyan
Cornell University
Snohomish, Washington
Ty Johnson
Tulane University
Anacortes, Washington
Riley Sykes
Linnfield College
Stanwood, Washington
Jayden Sykes
Pacific University
Gig Harbor, Washington
Matt Zoba
Northern Colorado University
Woodinville, Washington
Kama Boswell
Bates College
Bellevue, Washington
Henry Hedeen
Westmont College
Stanwood, Washington
Erika Ebe
Chapman University
Ferndale, Washington
Brandon Mitchell
Claremont Mckenna University
Edmonds, Washington
Nick Metcalf
Morningside University
Burlington, Washington
Megan Nakumara
Gozaga University (Club)
Redmond, Washington
Jackson Webber
Vanguard University
Mill Creek, Washington
Alex McFarland
Montana State - Billings
Bosie, Idaho
Andrew Chartrand
Friends University
Monroe, Washington
Tyler Givens
Southwestern College (KS)
Stanwood, WA
Zack Cokos
Linnfield Collge (OR)
Bothell, WA
Isaac Olson
George Foxx (OR)
Stanwood, WA
Turner Glenn
George Foxx (OR)
Woodinville, WA
Trai Patrick
Vangaurd University
Mill Creek, WA
Amanda Givens Hitting
Shelby Starkovich
Wenatchee Valley CC
Anacortes, WA
Addison Beckman
Central Washington University
Mill Creek, WA
Connor Johnson
Whitworth College
Kirkland, WA
Brock Hathaway
Bellevue College
Anacortes, WA
Anna Foster
Willamette University
Stanwood, WA
"I didn't know if college
baseball was an option for
me because I wasn't very  
big going into my junior
year of high school. I
contacted Prep Links and
Dashawn told me not to
worry about my size,
instead to focus on the
things I could control. He
helped me work on my
speed and cleaned up my
fielding. Entering my senior
year I was 5'11" and much
stronger. Prep Links filmed
my recruiting video and
contacted a few schools I
was interested in. I received
a scholarship to College of
Idaho and it's been great."

Ben Hansen
College of Idaho
Cascade High - 2018
"I always wanted to play
college softball on the East
Coast but my mom was in
the military so we moved
around the country allot
during my high school years.
None of my high school
coaches knew much about
me because I was always the
new player. We moved to
Oak Harbor during my junior
year. Prep Links filmed the
videos for my travel team
and helped me contact
schools on the East Coast. I
received a scholarship to
Virgina Union University.
Prep Links helped me
achieve my goal of playing
college softball.

Audrey Howard
Virgina Union University
Oak Harbor High - 2018